Who’s who of the 2019 ABurlyQ Burlesque and Sideshow Spectacular!


Saturday Night


// Starring: Ophelia Flame //

Competition Categories:
+ Best Burlesque Soloist
+ Best Duet/Group
+ Most Classic



Ophelia Flame, “The Burning Sensation”, is a pioneer of the Minneapolis neo-burlesque scene and has performed across the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

She holds the 1999 Miss Exotic World 2nd Runner-Up and 2012 Reigning Queen of Burlesque 1st Runner-Up titles from The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Ophelia is honored to be the recipient of the 2017 Sassy Lassy Award from the Burlesque Hall of Fame for recognition of her outstanding contribution to the art of Burlesque, her dedication to education and support of the Museum that has spanned over two decades.

Repeatedly voted one of the Top Burlesque Performers in the World by 21st Century Burlesque Magazine, Ophelia Flame has received a Golden Pastie Award from the New York Burlesque Festival and has been featured in The Burlesque Handbook by Jo Weldon, Marie Claire Magazine, and numerous other publications.

She has been producing shows since 2004 and teaching burlesque since 2005. Ms. Flame was a creator of Best of Midwest Burlesk — the region’s first burlesque festival — The Minneapolis Burlesque Festival, and brought the international phenomenon Dr. Sketchy's to the Twin Cities in 2008. Ophelia is honored to be on the Board of Directors and an instructor at BurlyCon Seattle, the nation’s premier conference for burlesque artists. She is co-founder and headmistress of Minnesota’s first school of burlesque, The Playful Peacock Academy. She enjoys anything shiny and cocktails at inappropriate hours.





Leave the ground and your worries behind…

Match Stickmon has performed at every ABurlyQ, beginning with the inaugural event in 2011. Lynn Lightly has performed at every ABurlyQ since 2014.

Together they continue to improve their skills and invent new aerial partner tricks. They train at Wise Fool in Santa Fe, New Mexico.




Santa Fe's Shimmying Siren


Mena Domina is the director/producer of Santa Fe's one and only Zircus Erotique, New Mexico's longest continually running burlesque company.

Mena has been bringing her signature mix of intensity and irreverence, the disturbing and delectable, to stages both near and far for over a decade. Performing on stages from New York to Hawaii.


Hailing from Boise, ID, Mimi ma Shuga is the co-producer of debauchery at Make ‘em Blush Burlesque and the creator of glorious claws and paws at Showgirl nails.


Ozkr Wyld - 3.jpg



Known around Nashville for his giant shoes, hella weird performances, and trails of glitter, Ozkr Wyld is a jack of all trades in his local burlesque community.

When he's not throwing undergarments and unsettling audiences, he can be found behind the camera taking photos and videos of shows.

He is the associate producer of the ever growing and popular Dirty Nerdy Burlesque, and a co-producer of The 48-Hour Strip Project.

It all started in Chicago with a bathtub of ramen and a couple of years with Vaudezilla! to create this spirited lad that's hella weird with a ginger beard.

Fun tidbits:

-He once took a photoshoot in a bathtub FULL of ramen.

-He's a former filmmaker of horror and exploitation films having won awards with the Nashville Film Festival and screening with the Coney Island Film Festival.

-By day he works as a smut peddler at a "high end adult boutique"

-Taco Bell is the way to his heart if anyone feels lonely



StrOker Ace


StrOker Ace began her burlesque career during the Southern Colorado Burlesque Revival by formulating multiple troupes, and producing many sold out shows. She quickly gained recognition from her peers as having a true understanding of the art-form, and began collaborating with the biggest names in the biz.

Her passion lead her to open the first school of burlesque in Pueblo, CO, (StrOKer Ace's Burlesque School of Hard Knocks). After performing at the New York Burlesque Festival, Show-Me Festival, and many other major shows, StrOker took a break to travel and get re-inspired.

After re-locating to the Southwest, StrOker is ready, more now than ever, to pledge her love to the stage.

StrOker has a sultry, seductive style that will leave you wanting more, more, MORE!!!




The Vintage Vamp


Vyla Vaudette has burlesque in her blood. She has performed at Theatre Bizarre, Colorado Burlesque Festival, and was a featured performer at Carnivale De Sensuale.

Here to lure you in with her sultry seduction please welcome - Vyla!



The Glittering Goddess of Burlesque!


Zerlina has been enchanting audiences all over the US, shimmying and singing on many stages!

She studied music and is a classically trained opera singer. She sang with the Maestro of the Florence, Italy Symphony Orchestra, as well as many others.

After seeing her first burlesque show, she decided why not combine the two? Where else can you wear so many rhinestones and sing your heart out?

She sings full time in a band in Dallas, Texas, and regularly performs at clubs across the country.

She is ecstatic to be here tonight to entertain you! Please welcome Zerlina Brava!






The Baddest Blossom from the Barrio


This chica sabrosita has been bouncing and swaying onstage for the past 10 years. She began her career with Kings and Things, Austin's Premiere Drag King Troupe, in 2008. A couple years down the road, she ventured off on her own to become a soloist roaming the streets of Austin.

Chola currently is a co-producer and cast member of The Midnight Menagerie (Texas' ONLY all POC production and collective), is a member of Fat Bottom Cabaret (Texas' premiere plus size dance troupe), and an instructor with Bottoms Up Bounce. This buxom beauty was the runner up for audience choice at the 2014 Texas Burlesque Festival and won the title of Biggest Tease at the same fest in 2015.

Chola was 2015's Queen of San Antonio Burlesque, was given the award of "Future Legend " from Satan's Angel, and brought home the wild card title from the Oregon Burlesque Festival. She is the reigning Queen of Texas Burlesque known as "La Tejana Con Ganas" and "The Baddest Blossom from the Barrio."


Egypt Blaque Knyle.jpeg


California’s Mistress/The Golden Girl of Burlesque


Egypt Blaque Knyle is an International Award Winning Professional Dancer, Model, Actress and Business Woman, noted to have the most awards and titles in burlesque history and ranking #18 as one the best burlesque performers in the world.

She has traveled the world with many dance companies and celebrity artists. Egypt was employed by Disney for years performing in a host of shows, including “The Lion King”. She was the principal dancer in the "Chocolate Nutcracker", playing the Egyptian Queen and the Snake Queen; played Nefertiti and Hepseptsut in a production called "Queens of the Nile Now"; and had the pleasure of cheering for the Raiderettes.

Egypt Blaque Knyle has worked in the naughty entertainment field for many years, exotic dancing worldwide as a Headliner.

In her muggle life she’s a Social Worker and Advocate for the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS in downtown skidrow areas, assisting and housing the homeless and working in Mental Health.

Now embarking on a new journey, Egypt debuted her first Neo Burlesque routine “The Question of You” in the Monday Night Tease Exotic Titty Prince Review after graduating from the Lili’s School for Wayward Girls in 2012.

Egypt Blaque Knyle was born and continued to dazzle with her acrobatic sexiness and sultry tantalizing dance movement. With a very intensive background in dance Egypt “Wows” her audience as the girl who put all the B’s in Burlesque. She’s Brainticious, Booblicious, Bodacious and Bootylicious.



San Diego's Seductress of Slay!


In 2016 this curvaceous treasure took the burlesque scene by storm with her captivating vulnerability and has quickly become an award-winning international traveling showgirl. She is a member of Bless Your Heart Burlesque.

She came to slay not to play, leaving smoldering trails of glitter on stages nationwide. Sepia's slayage is quintessential,  capturing Nudie Nubie SF (Nov. 2017), Fresh Face Feature (International Cabaret) at 2018 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and 2nd Runner up at Humboldt Burlesque Festival 2018.

This scintillating gem bared her soul at Burlesque Hall of Fame Movers, Shakers and Innovators showcase 2018. Her sensually authentic slayage has no boundaries!







JIJI DELUGE is quirky, cute, fierce and cuddly! The Sexy Cat Lady of Burlesque that you can't keep your paws off of!

She’s a co-producer at Ooh LaLa Presents, the current tittle holder for the Colorado Open Burlesque Championship and Mile High Burlesque Festivale Dankest Duo.

Jiji has performed across the country and she's here to Titillate you now!


SNOWY MOUNTAINS is Denver’s Queen of Halloween

Snowy has been in Denver’s burlesque scene since 2006 and performed with Ooh La La, Punk Rock Burlesque, and other various troupes and shows. She produced “Going Down on South Park,” a burlesque parody, in 2012, and she won first place in Denver’s Large Lady Twerk off in 2016 and most recently won “Dankest Duo” with Jiji Deluge in The 2018 Mile High Burlesque Festival.

She is thrilled and honored to be performing in ABurlyQ for her first time this year!



Lady and Lord Sapphire Noir is that couple. You know, that couple.  They are always together.  They seem to like each other.  They do things together.  They even have the same favorite color.  And they have more than one set of matching outfits. You want to hate them because they’re so cute.  But you can’t, because they are utterly ridiculous.

Their origin story is as quirky as they are. Two people get super drunk at a party.  They end up making out on a balcony. On the second date, she admits she doesn’t remember the first night at all. They both lay out all their flaws trying to scare each other off.  Seven months later they get married. Four years into marriage they discover burlesque. After 9 years of marriage, they are still two big-ass geeky children who pretend to be adults.  They own a house and they had it painted royal blue and refer to it as Sapphire Noir Manor. 

Fun Facts:  We've had 5 different wedding ceremonies.  We were married on 10-10-10. In muggle life we're both IT Geeks.  And, we have a Death Star Disco ball hanging in our home office…



Lady Peacock & Her Bevy of Beauties:

Fuchsia La Fae, Dagny Vanderlust,
JiJi De Luge, Maya Tetons, &
Squeaky Springs


Lady Peacock, JiJi De Luge , Fuchsia La Fae, Maya Tetons , Dagny Vanderlust, Squeaky Springs , and Alternate/Back-up Allie Soreass

Lady Peacock and her Bevy of Beauties love to explore and explode Iconic Characters with a twist of Feminism.

They “Release Your Inner-JOKER with BAT-lesque GoGo’s” at the 2015 Colorado Burlypicks Regional Competition, 2015 Michigan Burlesque Festival, 2016 Carnivale De Sensuale ~ Halloween, 2016 Colorado Burlesque Festival and the 2018 Mile High Burlesque Festival.

In 2017 Lady Peacock “Kissed a Sheep and…Liked It!!!” at Carnivale De Sensuale ~ Spring Equinox and 2017 Mile High Burlesque Festival.

In 2018 they examined the daily internal battle with our minds, bodies, and self-worth in “Shattered Image” at The Body Political ~ Denver.

These Beauties can be seen in their home state of Colorado shakin’ it at Punk Rock Burlesque, Ooh LaLa Presents, and Off The Clock ~ Late Night Burlesque Show! at The Clocktower Cabaret.



Romeo Uncaged with Peaks & Pasties’
Foxie Dreame, Ace Ass Wild


Romeo Uncaged is former MMA star and 2008 Olympic Judo Team member. He is a professional model and performer with Peaks and Pasties, and is currently the Executive Producer for the Champagne Cabaret in Colorado Springs.

Has been performing burlesque for 4 years, and has performed across the country, including the Colorado Burlesque Festival, and competed twice in the Golden Legends Championship Challenge. He won "Best Neo Act" in 2016 and "Best Variety Act" in 2017.


Foxie Dreame is a CrossFit coach and business owner. She is a classically trained singer with dance and theatre background, and a producer and performer with Peaks and Pasties. She has performed nationally, including at the Colorado Burlesque Festival.


Ace Ass Wild has a belly dancing background and has been performing with Peaks and Pasties for 3 years. 2016 runner up in the Colorado Open Burlesque Championship.


Peaks and Pasties

Since March 2008, Colorado Springs has been taken by a storm of tassels, sequins, feathers and rhinestones as Colorado’s burlesque and male-burlesque troupe, Peaks and Pasties, have gathered great popularity with an ever-expanding fan base, due to its unique style of entertainment. Performing burlesque has proven to be an empowering experience for audiences and performers alike, and is an engaging and fun source of creative expression.




Your Professor of the Provocative


Bella Fire is a hot addition to the Burlesque scene. She is a performer with Blue Dime Cabaret, Peaks and Pasties, and a Golden Legends 2018 showcase performer.

Bella brings a sizzle and spark to the stage, showcasing her experience in a variety of dance styles. Bella Fire is a dancer, model, and fitness professional. She loves to use music and her form to develop shapes and angles.

Apropos as she is a Professor of Mathematics by day and a sexy temptress by night. Enjoy the lethal combination of smart and sexy!

Tidbits: I am an amateur ballroom dancer and compete in pro am ballroom events regionally and nationally. I have a small business where I work as a consultant in higher education, assisting colleges and universities on best practices in: Assessing student learning, Writing to Learn Mathematics, and formative assessment in addition to my position as a professor.


BondGirl-MW Imagery.jpg



Her Name is a Mouthful & So is She!

Ms. Pop Pop Poppins has been twirling her tassels for 10 years in Denver, Colorado. Her production company, Triple D Debauchery, has produced comedy and burlesque shows all over Colorado.

Known for her unique way of melting comedy and sensuality into one, she will seduce you and tickle your funny bone at the same time.

She won Most Entertaining at the ABurlyQ Burlesque festival in 2015. Now she's back to test her talents with a new act and compete for Most Classic.




The Twirling Temptress


Scarlet Starlet always aims to entertain. Whether she's twirling baton, hoops, fire, or tassels, the audience is sure to be teased and pleased.

Based out of Richmond, VA, Scarlet enjoys performing a vast array of acts, from silly to sexy to powerful.

She has been seen at festivals across the country. Her awards include "Best Hybrid" at the Great Burlesque Expo, "Best Act" at the DC and VA regional Burlypicks, "Master of Amazement" at the Burlypicks Finals, "Best Variety Act" and "Mamma's Choice" at The Great Southern Exposure.

She is a performer and producer with Burlesque Right Meow.




Stella Sin is a Boise, ID, based performer, producer, and emcee. She is the genius behind Den of Sin Burlesque, a monthly burlesque and drag show, and is the co-producer of Dapper Doyle and the Revelry Revue, Boise's only burlesque and sideshow group.

When she is not busy leaving her mark on stages all over the country, she spends her days leaving marks on her clients - working as a professional tattoo artist for the last 12 years.

Her favorite person in the world is her Olde English Bulldogge; LouLou - named for her favorite burlesque performer, LouLou D'Vil!